Architecture + Interiors: Summer Creek High School


The main design component behind the Summer Creek High School was “personalized learning”. Guided by the recommendations of the High Schools of the Future Task Force, the new high school is designed so that it will have smaller learning communities within the larger 2,400 student community.

These smaller learning communities dictated the design of the high school, each designed to accommodate 400 students. These smaller learning communities include an assistant principal/counselor suite, conference facilities, student learning spaces (classrooms and smaller team rooms), science labs and associated preparation areas, as well as spaces for student collaboration. These spaces have different shapes and sizes, and are designed to allow for teams of two or more students to interact, meet, work on computers, plan events, and a host of other activities, much like spaces found on college campuses.



AWARD: TASA/TASB Award for Architectural Excellence: Design, Value, Innovation, Educational Appropriateness, Process of Planning


SERVICES PROVIDED: Educational Specifications, Architectural Design

Awards and Certifications

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