Neuroscience in School Design

Recent research on the relationship between the physical environment of educational facilities and its impact on students has shown that design can definitely affect learning. Different design features, such as daylight, temperature, acoustics and color have the most influence on students, and when designed correctly can positively impact the learning process. However, little has been published on the effect architectural design can have on learning, by studying how it affects our brain. This is now changing as neuroscientists have found that the moment we walk into a space, our brain is engaged and activated, sending electrical currents to thousands of brain cells. Given that learning activities...



“Irene is an excellent architect and provides outstanding services to her clients with positive results. She recently received the highest honor from the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International as the 2009 International Planner of the Year for which she has clearly earned through her expertise in school planning, design and construction. Her contributions to the creation of quality, innovative educational facilities that enhance the learning environment which increases student performance will have a continued significant positive impact to the students for many years.”

Roy J. Sprague, Jr., AIA, CSI, ALEP
Associate Superintendent /Chief Operations Officer at Cypress-Fairbanks ISD



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